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Blue & Purple Azilal Rug

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Azilal Berber rugs are made in the mountainous region of Azilal. Traditionally decorated with multiple monochrome patterns on a white or ecru background, today they are characterized by a multitude of ultra-colourful, sometimes even fluorescent patterns.
These rugs are a clever mix between tradition and modernity by combining contemporary colourful visuals using traditional weaving. Their design is authentic, mixing Berber symbolism, sometimes reinterpreted with contemporary colours, which makes it a trendy rug, while remaining faithful to traditional Berber art.
Azilal rugs have a less dense weave than other Berber rugs, like the Beni Ouarain, and can sometimes be woven with a cotton weft thread, which is found in particular in the fringes. These are rugs that are a little thinner and more flexible than the traditional Beni Ouarain, while still reflecting the excellence of Moroccan craftsmanship.


W155 x H240 cm


Please note that all our rugs are secondhand (-20 years old) or vintage (+20 years old), meaning they may show traces of wear and use, as well as some minor imperfections. This is normal and part of the charm of a true vintage Berber rug. Should you wish to inspect the rug of your choice more closely, you are welcome to make an appointment to visit our stock.

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