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'Klassik 1022' Coffee Table by Peter Draenert 1960's

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This glass and brass coffee table by German designer Peter Draenert is without any doubt worthy of the title “timeless classic”, since it is still as actual and on-trend today as it was when it was first designed in 1968. And not only in design was this coffee table built to last. Featuring an almost 2cm thick glass plate on a brass base, this coffee table is as good as unbreakable, meaning not only you will enjoy it but also your children, your grandchildren and even your children’s children’s grandchildren!
Together with Ronald Schmitt, Peter Draenert is one of the most important (glass) table manufacturers in Europe. His story began in 1965, when Draenert happened to find a stone slab with fossils on a farm in the Swabian Mountains. He then designed skids from polished stainless steel for it, because he wanted to make a table for himself. Thus, the very first Draenert-table, ‘1062 Primus’, was born and instantly became a classic, mostly because of its many ammonite inclusions, which point to an age of aprox. 180 million years. That table was the foundation for many tables to come, among which the ‘Klassik 1022’, which established the very recognizable Draenert style.


H40 x L120 x W70 cm


This coffee table is in perfect (vintage) condition, with minimal age-related wear.


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