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Multi Coloured Boujaad Rug

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Boujaad rugs are woven in the High Atlas, far away from modern influences, which gives these rugs a more rustic authenticity than their Beni Ouarain cousins. This is why Boujaad rugs are usually considered the most creative of all Morrocan rugs, both by the very wide range of colours used and by the complexity of their patterns. Thanks to their originality, these 100% wool rugs, woven on traditional looms, tend to match very well with vintage furniture. The symbols on them all have special meaning, and function as a sort of dictionary of Berber culture, easily identifiable from one rug to another. They come from the imagination and often even the life-story of the women weaving them, borrowing from an ancestral artisanal and cultural tradition.
Over the years, Berber rugs have become classics of decoration and adapt to any interior style. Made from natural materials, they are durable objects and by choosing a genuine Berber rug for your interior, you contribute to the perpetuation of ancestral traditional know-how.


W153 x H257 cm


Please note that all our rugs are secondhand (-20 years old) or vintage (+20 years old), meaning they may show traces of wear and use, as well as some minor imperfections. This is normal and part of the charm of a true vintage Berber rug. Should you wish to inspect the rug of your choice more closely, you are welcome to make an appointment to visit our stock.

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