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WK Möbel Highboard 1960's

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WK Möbel, founded in Germany in 1948, truly is a textbook example of German design, which is all about finding that fragile balance between functionality on the one hand and refinement on the other. Furthermore, WK Möbel also pays a lot of attention to sustainable luxury, with a strong focus on a responsible choice of materials.
Also great: highboards like this one often consist of various separate parts. So you don't have 1 large cupboard, but 3 smaller ones, which you can combine as you see fit. The cupboard has 4 drawers, the top one of which is covered with velvet and can serve as a cutlery drawer. Above that you will find one closed cupboard (with shelf), one open section and then another closed cupboard (with shelf). All parts have the WK Möbel brand label on the inside. Original keys are available.

H205 x B100 x D45 cm


This cabinet is in perfect (vintage) condition, but has always been set up as one whole, meaning the various parts may have discolouration in the parts that have never seen light. If you want to set up these parts separately, you may have to treat them in certain places first.


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